About Me

About Ashley Bremer

Hello everyone!

“With the process of creating art as my personal catharsis, I always want to see the lighthearted magic in nature and the emotion in color.”

Ashley Bremer has a methodical and layered working method, producing prints, weavings, and interactive artworks. Originally from a suburb of Chicago, Ashley headed down south to Georgia to obtain her BFA in fibers from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Fibers is a tactile major that pertains to all the materials of our everyday lives from the clothes we wear to the upholstery we sit on. Using photography as a way of capturing fleeting moments of texture and color, she is most at bliss when traveling and being submersed in the vastness of nature. With a focus on interiors, her fibers work adds pops of whimsical warmth to any home.